piątek, 2 lipca 2010

Welcome to my life. You see it's not easy but I'm doing all right.

Hello all my old and new readers :)

I'm so sorry for this whole mess I've done here. Lately I've just been so confused about my life and I've needed a little break.
Last 2-3 months were extremely hard for me. I had to make some decisions. I had my school stuff. I lost some friends. I found some old ones. And I still have some problems with my life but I think I'm closer to the best solution :)

I was hesitating a long time if I should write this blog or maybe it's not for me. But I decided to delete all the posts (as you've probably noticed) because I wasn't satisfied with it. And now I start a new beginning ;) I hope it's gonna be much better than the previous one ;)

This weekend I'm going to take some new pics. So I hope to upload them on Sunday.

So have a nice day everyone ;) Wow, here it's almost 30 degrees!! And I should move to Spain? No way! Discúlpame!;)


Your Charlotte

PS. Do you like my new header and layout? Not too sweet? I wanted something lighter than the previous one :)

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